Saturday, November 19, 2011

Thanksgiving Place Cards

I made these place cards for thanksgiving dinner this year, my inspiration was the pine cones and my love for vintage looking scrapbook paper :)

I made 25 place cards in all, each with a different vintage background, it was a little time consuming, but easy enough that I could watch a movie while making them :)

Pine Cones (of course!), scrapbook paper, craft eyelets, paper puncher (for the corners of the name cards, and also for the leaf design on each card), ribbon of your choice (I used a thin copper colored ribbon), thin sharpie.

The first thing I did was cut out the paper for the cards.  The vintage scrapbook paper I used for the back was cut 2" by 3", and the white front that I wrote the names on was 1" by 2", and then I attached them together using double sided tape.

I then pulled out my paper punchers (so handy!) and punched off the corners of the vintage scrapbook paper and I also punched out the leaf design that I attached to each card.

Next, I attached the eyelets to put the ribbon through, the eyelet kit I have is from the company stampin' up, but you can get them at most craft stores, they're easy to add to the card, and a lot prettier than just using a hole puncher.

Next, I hand wrote the names on all of the cards, I like hand writing just because it seems a little more personal, but you could very easily print it off the computer, your choice.

Last, I tied the place cards with ribbon to a pine cone and voilĂ„! Done!  

*A little finishing touch that I added to each card (that isn't visible in the picture) is that I stamped Colossians 3:16 which says "sing to the Lord with thankful hearts" on the back of each place card.
Hope I gave you some cute ideas, have a wonderful thanksgiving!

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